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Barrel Sauna Heat Sources

All of our Barrel Sauna models are priced to include an electric sauna stove unit.  The 8’ Original standard package is priced to include a 6000kv electric stove and the 5’ Mini’s standard package is priced to include a 4500kv.

We would not be “Sisu” Saunas if we did not offer our customers options, especially when it comes to the heat source for their Barrel Sauna. We believe one of the main options should be to allow our customers the choice of either a wet or dry sauna.  Water can be directly applied on all of our stove units to create steam when a true finish style sauna is desired.

Wood or Electric?

Our 8’ Original Barrel Sauna offers that option.  Because of it’s over all size and portability the Barrel Sauna became a must have sauna for those remote locations were electricity is just not offered. With these demands we needed to design and manufacture our own wood stove package upgrade to accommodate.  The wood stove needed to be: functional, safe, efficient and cosmetically pleasing to both the barrel’s design and engineered aspects. Well we did it! O-ya, of course with some trial and error in the beginning.

The Wood Stove Package Upgrade

Wood Stove

Our Wood Stove is constructed of 5/16” steel. The stove features a five gallon capacity water jacket that doubles both as a heat shield and also as a hot water supply, the water jacket is equipped with an over flow tube that drains right out the floor.  There is also a drain valve located directly on the front to conveniently draw water from and drain water easily out. The stove is external fed so there is no mess inside the sauna. The 32” burn chamber will accept wood up to 28”.  Additional features include: 50 lbs. rock storage (rocks included), a stainless steel rock guard, 6” chrome insulated chimney, a 6” chrome rain cap and dual damper control, which allows you to damper the stove either inside or outside.

Over the past years here at Sisu Saunas we have noticed a considerable increase in customer demand for a traditional wood fired sauna. We believe a wood heated sauna represents tradition and it elects a sauna master hobbyist.  With wood heat the sauna event becomes extended, the wood needs to be gathered, the fire needs to be nurtured, and the sight and smell creates that much anticipated reward.

Electric Stove Unit Upgrades

Barrel Sauna

As stated in the beginning of this page, all Barrel Sauna models are priced to include an electric stove unit.

The 8’ Original is standard equipped with a 6000kv unit. With the over all size and design of the Barrel Sauna this unit will only need to operate at 72% of the stoves capacity. So this unit is more than adequate for heating up the sauna.  For a small additional cost the option of upgrading to an 8000kv is offered for a couple reasons.  1. Quicker recovery time. If your sauna time includes trips back and forth to the lake or pool, if you have children or guests that need to enter and exit the sauna more often then upgrading to an 8000kv would be recommended.  2. Initial heat up time. The 8000kv is a larger unit and it will heat up the sauna faster.

The 5’ Mini is standard equipped with a 4500kv unit and the same rules apply. The option of upgrading to a 6000kv would be available for this model to boost recovery time and initial heat up.

The electric stove offers a straight forward heat source and can be ready and waiting. All stoves have the controls mounted directly on them, offer a nine hour delay timer and operate for a one hour period for safety.

The sauna stove will need to be wired directly.  Requirements per unit:

  • 4500kv   -  18.8 amps    220 volts   #10/2 wire
  • 6000kv   -  25 amps       220 volts   #10/2 wire
  • 8000kv   -  33.3 amps    220 volts   #8/2   wire

Meaning of Sisu


A Finnish term roughly translated into English as "strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity".

The term "sisu" has been described as being integral to understanding Finnish culture. The meaning is equivalent in English to "having guts", and the word derives from sisus, which means something inner or interior.